Lorie recently reunited with John, the son she placed for adoption when she was 15. Her husband, Dan, claims Lorie and John behave more like girlfriend-boyfriend than mother and son, and it’s putting a strain on their marriage.

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Lorie adamantly denies there is anything inappropriate about the affection she shares with John, claiming, “We’re just extra close.” She says, noting that she missed the first 24 years of his life, so now, “it’s almost like I have my baby back.”

WATCH Woman Denies Husband’s Claim That Cuddling With The 26-Year-Old She Placed For Adoption At Birth Is ‘Inappropriate’

“Some of these reunions go well. Some of them don’t go well,” says Dr. Phil, who then plays a clip from his recent Phil in the Blanks podcast interview with former NBA Center Shaquille O’Neal. In it, the basketball legend-turned-entrepreneur describes what it was like for him to meet his biological father for the first time at age 44.

“He had some problems when he was young,” says Shaq, adding, “I don’t judge him. I don’t fault him. My thinking now is - that as long as we’re both here - we’ll just get to know each other.”

What does Lorie say she thinks of the basketball legend’s approach to reuniting with his father?

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‘This Is One Adoption Reunion That Has Gone Off The Rails,’ Claims Man Of His Wife And The Son She Placed for Adoption At Birth