Valerie says she started living on the streets around seven years ago following an eviction that left her with nowhere to go. She admits to being alcohol-dependent but says she feels like her family has thrown her away. Valerie’s family says that they’re concerned for her safety and wellbeing, but they’re trying to practice “tough love” so that she can hit rock bottom and finally seek the help that she needs.

Dr. Phil introduces Valerie to Jason Robinson, the program director at SHARE! Collaborative Housing in Los Angeles. SHARE! provides affordable, permanent supportive housing in single-family homes to qualified individuals.

“We would move her into housing, and we would connect her to people that have the same kind of experience,” says Jason on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?’”

Does Valerie accept the offer of help? Watch the video above to find out!

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WATCH: Homeless Woman With Alcohol Dependence Claims Her Family Has Thrown Her Away

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