Teri claims her daughter, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Hector, abuse alcohol and drugs. She also claims that Hector physically abuses Ashley and claims she has Ashley on videotape admitting to the abuse.

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Both Ashley and Hector deny the accusation Ashley initially claims her mother edited the videotape to make it seem like she was talking about Hector when she was actually talking about someone else. Then she says she made it all up.

Hector claims he’s never hit or abused Ashley. He tells Dr. Phil that when she’s been hurt, she’s done it to herself.

“She drinks, she gets too sloppy and she runs into things or she tends to just…how could I say? Like she’ll just fall to the ground. Then I have to pick her up,” he claims.

Hector claims that the day Teri recorded Ashley talking about him abusing her, she was drunk and had actually attacked him.

Ashley says she will go to any lengths to save her family. When Hector learns she’s agreed to go into a treatment program, does he say he supports her decision?

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