College sophomore Kalli says she quit her school’s basketball program, and acknowledges getting fired from her minimum-wage job working at a gym; but says she’s doing something more lucrative that she also enjoys. Kalli is a self-described sugar baby who boasts about getting “free money” for dating older men. She even admits to having sex with some of them – but says that doesn’t mean she’s a prostitute.

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“This sugar baby thing has me terrified,” says Kalli’s maternal grandmother, Karen. “She gets caught as a prostitute – there’s her whole future.”

“Part of the reason that Kalli finds this so acceptable - she does not have any rules,” claims Karen. She says it was her daughter, Michelle’s, “bad parenting” that caused Kalli’s behavior. Karen alleges Michelle introduced Kalli to alcohol and marijuana – and started taking her to parties at a young age.

Michelle denies Karen’s accusations saying, “I’ve never partied with my kids. That’s something I wouldn’t do.” But Kalli says she and her mom “smoke pot together every night.”

Grandma Karen says that Kalli takes the whole thing as a joke, claiming “she’s even going to ask Dr. Phil to be her sugar daddy.” Tune in Thursday.

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'If You Think I’m A Prostitute I’m Not …' Inside The Mindset Of A Teenage Sugar Baby