Lois' daughter, Candice, and younger sister, LouAnn, claim that Lois is broke after giving away upward of $100,000 to several men she has met, and fallen in love with, online.

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“At this point, she is completely destitute and has nothing left,” says Candice.

WATCH: ‘I’ve Been A Lot Of Things, But I’ve Never Been A ‘Paul Shaw’,’ Says Man Whose Identity Was Stolen

Candice and LouAnn say they believe that Lois has been tricked by a series of scammers, but Lois insists her digital sweethearts are real.

In this recap from part two of this three-part episode, Dr. Phil, with the help of retired U.S. Secret Service Agent and fraud expert Ron Williams, work to prove to Lois that the stacks of “white money” she says she received in exchange for $9,000 from an “associate” of one of her online sweethearts, was nothing more than inexpensive paper. Lois says she still believes she received legitimate U.S. currency.

Later, Dr. Phil introduces Mark, the man in the pilfered photos of Lois’ former online fiancé, “Fred,” who confirms that his identity was stolen. Lois acknowledges that “Fred” may have been an imposter, but insists that her current fiancé, “Paul,” is real.

Watch the recap from Tuesday’s Dr. Phil above, then check here to find out where you can see Wednesday’s conclusion. When the analysis of a will bequeathing over $2 million to “Paul” by his “uncle” is taken to Nigeria, what does Dr. Phil's investigator find?

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