Ralph’s son, Dan, and daughter-in-law, Laura, say they have no doubt that Ralph has been caught up in an online catfishing scheme. They say that someone calling themselves “Louise” is pretending to be romantically interested in Ralph and has deceived the 80-year-old widower, taking most of his retirement savings.

Is Dr. Phil Your Only Hope?

Ralph acknowledges that he has never met “Louise” in person or spoken to her on the phone but insists, “She is real and our love is true.”

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He says “Louise” claims she’s stuck in Germany and acknowledges sending money on multiple occasions to try to bring her home.

Admitting that he can no longer afford to send money to her, Ralph says “Louise” went missing right after he told her he can’t help her anymore.

Watch the video above for a recap of part one, then tune in Wednesday for the conclusion of this two-part episode as Dr. Phil continues his investigation into “Louise.”

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