Chris’s husband, Christopher, says he noticed changes in his wife’s behavior last year which led to her disappearing into the woods for two days, then being Baker Acted and spending over two weeks at a mental health facility. He says he started noticing changes in her behavior two to three months before she was hospitalized.

“She would stay up at night. One night, [she]wrote a will. She started writing papers to a 24-hour news broadcast, and she was asking me to send them out,” he says.

Christopher says he was relieved when Chris was found but now feels that their relationship is in a “rocky place.” He claims she thinks he had something to do with having her committed.

“She thinks I’m part of the plot, and it hurts,” says Christopher, noting that he’s moved out of the couple’s home.

Chris disputes the diagnosis she received while under observation at the mental health facility and insists that her hospitalization was unwarranted. What is her response when Dr. Phil explains that neither Christopher nor her daughter, Sara, had any role to play in having her hospitalized against her will?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’Something is Seriously Wrong with My Mother’,” airs Tuesday.

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