Marc says his life changed forever on August 19, 1992. That’s when his girlfriend, Laurie Depies, age 20, disappeared.

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Marc says he heard Laurie’s car pull into the parking lot of his apartment building just before 10 pm, but when she didn’t come in, he stepped outside to see where she was.

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“She was just gone. It was out of nowhere,” says Marc, who refers to Laurie as the “Love of my life.”

He says he called the police within 15 minutes. “We were just walking all over the neighborhood looking for her; calling her name.”

Reportedly, the only clue was a drink container that had been left on the roof of Laurie’s car.

Marc says he became a suspect. When news of Laurie’s disappearance hit their small town, he claims the community, including Laurie’s mother, Mary, turned against him.

What does Marc claim Mary said to him in the weeks after Laurie’s disappearance?

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If you have any information on the disappearance of Laurie Depies, please call the Wisconsin Department of Justice: 608-266-1671.

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‘I Would Have People Pointing Their Fingers At Me,’ Says Man Who Claims His Community Turned Against Him After The Disappearance Of His Girlfriend