Grammy-nominated recording artist Demi Lovato says she battled addiction, eating disorders and bipolar disorder for years. The singer and actress who began working professionally as a child says she “bottomed out” six years ago. That’s when she went into a sober living facility.

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“When I first met Demi she was sleeping 16-hour days,” says Mike Bayer, Founder and CEO at CAST Centers, a dual diagnoses and treatment center based in West Hollywood, California. “So, just a real depressive state,” he adds.

“The beauty about CAST is that it helps with multi diagnoses,” says Demi who stayed in sober living for over a year. “With CAST, I was able to get help; not only for my drug addiction and alcoholism but also for just mental health overall and my eating disorder, I've gotten help through that as well.”

Following treatment, Demi partnered with Mike at CAST Centers. Together, the pair created CASTonTOUR combining concert performances with motivational speakers and the messaging of the CAST Centers to raise awareness about addiction and mental health issues.

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