Former Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member, Chrissy Monroe, claims Mercuree, a cable access talk show host from Brooklyn, regularly posts conspiracy theories and creates fake profiles to harass her online.

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“It’s crazy. I can’t take it anymore. It is wearing me out,” says Chrissy.

Claiming that Mercuree is interfering with her career, she continues, “People don’t want to hire me because they’re afraid she’s going to show up and cause drama.”

“Chrissy is not being stalked by me. She’s being stalked by herself,” says Mercuree, who vehemently denies Chrissy’s allegations. She claims Chrissy is the one who is harassing her, and that it’s her reputation that is being destroyed.

When Dr. Phil asks Chrissy about a video she posted to Mercury on social media in which she said, "Come back stalker! I need you in my life," how does Chrissy explain?

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