Maribeth and John say their 15-year-old daughter runs away, steals, sells stolen merchandise and won’t follow their rules. They claim they’ve done everything to try and stop her out-of-control behavior – but Dr. Phil tells them he doesn’t believe they’ve been disciplining her appropriately.

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“She said, ‘The reason I’m laughing all the time when they’re telling me something is because they’re the ones that should be afraid, because I’ve got the power,’” Dr. Phil says to the parents.  

He shows a video of the teen and Maribeth and points out how the teen admits that she is engaging in criminal activity.

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“She doesn’t quite have the leverage here that she thinks she does,” Dr. Phil continues. “But as long as you play this the way that you’re playing it, she thinks she’s holding all of the cards and she’s running you two around like she’s got a cattle prod.”
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On Friday’s episode, hear why John and Maribeth fear their daughter is pregnant, and find out what a sonogram she claims is hers shows. Then, on Monday, see what happens when Dr. Phil meets the teen. Check here to see where you can watch.