Ralph was widowed three years ago after 51 years of marriage. In 2018 he met “Louise” on an online dating site and says things quickly progressed.

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Two months into their relationship, “Louise” told Ralph that she was detained in Germany and needed his help paying off various fines and fees to get home. And though they’ve never met in person, video chatted or spoken on the phone, Ralph admits he sent most of his retirement savings to “Louise.”

WATCH Paying It Forward: Returning ‘Dr. Phil’ Guest Shares His Experience With Being Catfished

Dr. Phil sends field producer Jason Conway to the address in Berlin where “Louise” claimed she’d been living, but found a commercial construction project in its place. Then, with the help of the German Consulate, Dr. Phil discredits multiple documents which “Louise” claimed proved she was at the mercy of the German government.

“I’m convinced I’m being scammed,” says Ralph, who is finally persuaded he’s been the target of a catfishing scheme.

But there’s another person who has been unwittingly affected by “Louise.” In the video above it’s revealed that the catfisher pretending to be “Louise” stole someone else’s photos to use as bait.

“She’s a victim, not a perpetrator,” says Dr. Phil of the woman whose likeness was used to lure in Ralph, and also appears on at least one other dating website.

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