After 23 years of marriage, Dave admits to having had an affair with a woman half his age. Watch what he says led to his affair and how it turned his family upside down.

When Dave and his wife, Stacey, seek Dr. Phil's help deciding if their marriage can still work after so much hostility and pain, Dr. Phil responds without mincing words.

"Should the two of you get back together? Absolutely, unequivocally no," he says in the video above. "Neither one of you, at this point, is capable of sustaining a healthy relationship because when you come into a relationship you bring with you history. And you either contribute or contaminate that relationship based on what you bring into it. Right now, you would contaminate any relationship that you're in. You have bitterness and resentment and confusion and immaturity."

How has their marital turmoil impacted their six children? Watch as one of their kids shares her experience.

This episode of Dr. Phil, "A Husband's Decision: His Marriage or His Mistress", airs Friday. Watch more here.