In 2010, Cory pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery of a minor. He served 150 days in jail but vehemently denies committing the crime.

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His 18-year-old daughter, McKinley, says she decided not to speak to Cory anymore after learning about his past from a neighbor when she was 13.

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“McKinley has been negatively impacted by slander, defamation, and malice that she’s read about me on the internet,” says Cory, adding, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I don’t want him in my life now that I’m an adult,” says McKinley. She claims that Cory was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to her, her mother, her younger sister, and the family dog.

Cory, who adamantly denies McKinley’s allegations of abuse, says, “All I can say to what she’s claiming and alleging is, show me the police report.”

Cory says he ran for Congress recently. What does he say happened that forced him to drop out of the race?

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