Twelve-year-old Aneska has threatened her parents and attacked her siblings, according to her parents, Melanie and Dave.

In fact, Aneska’s parents say her younger brothers and sisters live in fear of their eldest daughter.

“My other kids are terrified of their sister. Everybody walks on egg shells, for good reason,” Dave explains.

Now, Melanie and Dave, along with some of Aneska’s siblings, are turning to Dr. Phil for help.

“The other day, she got extremely mad at me and my brothers and started to hurt us,” her youngest sister, Mariska, writes in a letter to Dr. Phil. “Aneska ended up hitting and scratching the babysitter … Five minutes later, me and my brothers were in my room and Aneska tries to come in and hurt us, but we were holding the door.”

It was then, her family says, that the babysitter tried to help calm Aneska’s anger by asking her to draw a picture of what she was feeling. Aneska drew a picture of her siblings in graves, while she stood over them with an object in her hand.

“She wants us dead,” Mariska’s letter to Dr. Phil continues. “I’m afraid to sleep at night.”

Things have gotten so bad, that her parents claim Mariska has even volunteered to go into foster care, just to get away from Aneska.

Aneska says she’s sorry her brothers and sisters are afraid of her, and she says she wishes she could stop herself from attacking them.

However, she says, there is one condition for her to live peacefully with them.

“Can you try and keep them away from me? Because they are very, very annoying,” Aneska asks, turning to her mother.

Can Dr. Phil help Dave and Melanie get to the root of Aneska’s behavior before it destroys their family? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Check here to see where you can watch.