“My brother’s arrogance has made him believe that he is superior to everyone else,” says Tommy of older brother, Joshua. 

Joshua’s family says he’s told them he believes he is the second coming of Jesus, and Tommy says that’s ripped their family apart. “When Joshua tells me that God speaks through him – I believe that I’ve lost touch with my brother.”

Joshua says he feels like when he told his family he was Jesus, they weren’t ready for that message. Tommy says he’s frightened because his brother is delusional.

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“Every time Joshua is around our family he demands that we listen to him,” claims Tommy. He says he feels like he’s been bullied by Joshua “and it makes me feel disrespected because he doesn’t care about what I have to say.”

Tommy claims he once witnessed Joshua sitting on top of - and restraining - an ex-girlfriend, and that made him scared. Jem - another of Joshua’s exes - claims Joshua also told her he believed he was Jesus Christ and used that to justify manipulating her, starving her (he says they were fasting), and choking her when she told him she wanted to leave him.

Joshua says he regrets Jem was hurt when she was with him, but claims he was in “spiritual warfare” at the time - and has since repented.

“That’s what you expect when you’re a servant of the Lord – and this is what this is – persecution to me,” says Joshua. “I’m being persecuted for the way I was and my sinful nature.”

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