Sixteen-year-old Andrew says he wants to be a social media influencer and does pranks his audience requests – usually at the expense of his siblings – to gain thousands of views. His mom, Joy, says she’s lost control of the teen, and disciplining him does not work.

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Andrew's older brother, Dustin, and sister, Kaylie, say they believe their brother’s behavior could improve but claim that their mom is a pushover.

“She allows him to be able to do stuff and not follow through with discipline,” Dustin says about his mom. “Andrew feels that he can just run the house, and my mom won’t do anything about it.”

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Dustin says he’s offered to help his mom, but she always ends up giving in to Andrew.
Kaylie adds, “My mom does have a very hard time disciplining Andrew because he just walks all over her, has no respect."
In the video above from Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, also hear from Andrew’s twin brother, Matthew, who is often the butt of the pranks. And, how does Joy explain her discipline – or lack thereof?
On Tuesday, see what happens when Dr. Phil questions Andrew about his behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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