“My mother thinks that she’s in a relationship with Vladimir Putin, to the extent that she has become homeless, living in and out of motels,” says Amie about her mother, Jennifer. “She needs to be prepared and ready at a moment’s notice for when Vladimir is going to pick her up to bring her back to Russia.”

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Amie and her brothers, Peter and Nick, say they are concerned about their mother’s mental health.
“My mother is delusional. I, honestly, couldn’t tell you the last normal conversation I had with my mom,” Peter says. “It always comes down to Putin, religion, politics.”

The siblings say Jennifer says she communicates with Putin through pictures and secret hand gestures that are meant just for her.

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“My mom needs mental help. There’s something seriously wrong with her,” Nick says.
Peter adds, “My mother doesn’t see what she’s doing is nuts, and she thinks we are the problem, not her.”
Hear more about Jennifer’s behavior in the video above, including her plan to drive to Alaska with the hopes of continuing on to Russia. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what Jennifer says about her life. Does she think she needs to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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