Lace says she hasn’t had a relationship with her mother, Debbie, in years because she thinks Debbie is lying about the night she shot Lace’s father, Dominick, 22 years ago. Debbie claims she was a battered wife who shot her husband in self-defense after he threatened her with a knife.

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Lace also says she hasn’t had a relationship with her older brother, D.J., in about four years because she claims he’s always talking badly about their father. “My brother defends mom, and I defend my dad,” she says. “The thing that makes me angry about my mom and my brother is they continually talk bad about my dad. I feel very angry. As his daughter, I have to defend him.”

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D.J. says he thinks both his parents are at fault. “My dad did terrorize her, and my mother could have handled it differently.”

He says Lace doesn’t remember all the pain and suffering that their father put them through. “My father had a lot of rage built-up because of what happened to him, and he took it out on the wrong people,” says D.J. who claims Dominick was “an evil man,” who was even more physically abusive after the shooting.

What does Debbie say about her children not speaking to one another?

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