Alexa says growing up as one of six siblings, she always wondered why she looked different than her sisters.
“All of my sisters have this cute little button nose, and I don’t,” Alexa says. “We used to joke all the time that maybe I’m the milkman’s kid.”

Alexa says when she was around 12, her mom made a joke in passing that maybe she was the “karate guy’s” kid, and that stuck with her. So when she became an adult, Alexa says she bought a DNA test kit for herself and her siblings.
In the video above, Alexa shares that when they received the results, she learned the truth about who her biological father was. Hear about her mission to find her dad.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “DNA Surprises,” two of Alexa’s sisters share how the news affected them. And, Alexa shares why some things she learned about her biological father were heartbreaking. Plus, find out questions to ask before taking a DNA test. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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Questions To Ask Before Taking A DNA Test

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Playing Questions To Ask Before Taking A DNA Test