Elke says she first noticed her 3-month-old son, Lucas, wasn’t feeling well and was making “grunting” noises when she checked on him after the child had been put to bed for the night. She says that she and her boyfriend, Steven, decided to wait to see how Lucas was doing in the morning before seeking medical help. Three days later, Lucas died. The coroner determined his death was the result of a subdural hematoma caused by a brain injury consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

“A baby who has a fatal head injury doesn’t look normal,” says Dr. Carole Jenny, Director of the Fellowship Program in Child Abuse Pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital. “They really do not look and act like normal babies.”

When it comes to identifying whether your child may have a severe brain injury needing immediate medical attention, what signs and symptoms does Dr. Jenny say parents and other caretakers should watch for?

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