“With Mother’s Day approaching, I want to help a deserving mom feel really special,” says Robin McGraw. “So when I read a letter from a young woman about her mother, I just had to share it with everyone.” 

Sarah, 18, wrote to Dr. Phil and Robin on behalf of her mother, also named Sarah. “She has been raising my two brothers and me for nine years completely on her own. She works so much just to make ends meet, that it’s hard for us to spend any time with her,” she says.

The single mom of three admits that it’s hard juggling three kids’ schedules, as well as working 60 hours a week. “People ask how do you do it? I’m tired, that’s how I do it, tired,” Sarah says.

Sarah says her two dreams are to finish her nursing degree and to take a trip with her girlfriends, without her kids.

“I think that’s more of a fantasy than a dream,” she says of the latter.

Will Dr. Phil and Robin’s surprise for Sarah make her dreams come true? Watch the video above to find out.

In addition to the surprise in the video, Lending Club gives Sarah a check for $10,000.