Sisters Amy and Alisa claim their mother, Tammy, turned a blind eye to Alisa’s childhood sexual abuse, and a rape at age 15.

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The women claim their mother looked the other way because she wanted to protect her own needs and in some cases – the abusers. One of the alleged sexual abusers was a man with whom Alisa claims her mother was having an affair.

“She didn’t take me to the police, or for any kind of counseling because she thought that I would reveal her affair,” claims Alisa who was just 11 at the time of the alleged abuse. She says it went on for more than a year. Tammy denies she had an affair and says the man was just a friend.

According to Amy, Alisa’s second abuser was a family friend. Amy says she caught the man on top of her younger sister on the living room couch, just feet from her mother’s bedroom door.

In the video above, the sisters say Tammy was told what happened, but again claim she refused to call the police. “At that time my mother did nothing for my little sister,” says Amy.

WATCH:  ‘Mom Was Unreliable, Irresponsible And Negligent’ Says Daughter Who Claims Her Mother Did Nothing To Stop Sexual Abuse

When Alisa was 15, she says she was raped and became pregnant but says her mother again declined to get the authorities involved. Alisa carried the baby to term, then put it up for adoption.

Tammy says she did what she thought was right at the time.

WATCH: Daughter Claims Mom Witnessed Sexual Abuse And Still Refused To Call Authorities

Now a new accusation has surfaced.  Amy is saying she believes Tammy’s current husband, Wendell, may have acted inappropriately with Amy’s son - a claim Wendell and Tammy adamantly deny.

Amy says she and Alisa and their older sister Susan staged an intervention with their mom. But Tammy says she was ambushed.

Can Alisa find a path to recovery from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse? Will Tammy admit turning a blind eye to her youngest daughter’s suffering? And what did the investigation into the allegations Amy leveled against Tammy’s husband reveal? Find out Thursday on Dr. Phil.

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'Mom Was Unreliable, Irresponsible And Negligent' Says Daughter Who Claims Her Mother Did Nothing To Stop Sexual Abuse