Charlie and Hannah claim that their mom, Teresa’s, behavior is out of control. They say that since her husband died in 2013 and she lost more than 100 pounds, she has abandoned motherhood to drink, hang out in bars and date multiple men at the same time.

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“My mother is very promiscuous and reckless,” claims Charlie. “She’s really enjoying seeking out attention from men. She’s meeting semi drivers at our Walmart store, getting in the truck with them and having sex with them.” Teresa adamantly denies any such encounter ever took place.

Hannah claims that her mom drinks often and is frequently drunk. “Two years ago, my mom ended up in the hospital because she was so drunk she fell off the bar stool,” she says.

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Teresa says she’s been a caretaker all her life, and her daughters need to back off and let her have her freedom.

The sisters say they are also concerned that their mom spends money on clothes and men she meets online, rather than paying her bills.

“My mom has sent close to $7,000 overseas to a gentleman named Target,” Charlie says. “If I try to confront my mom, she’ll basically tell me to leave her the hell alone.”

Hear more of their story in the video above. On Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Teresa. What does she say about her daughters’ claims? And on Tuesday, Dr. Phil producers investigate one of Teresa’s online loves. Find out what they learn. Check here to see where you can watch.

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