Alexandra and Victoria say their father, Steve, has tried to control them their entire lives.

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“Growing up, my father was very strict. My parents chose my friends. I was never able to date. We weren’t even allowed to go to a juice bar after school,” says Victoria.

“Now that I’m 20, my father still tries to control me. He doesn’t even accept the boyfriend that I have now - which is the father of my son,” she continues. “My whole pregnancy, all I got from him was anger and pushing me to get an abortion. When I was pregnant, my father even kicked me out of the house. He wrote me an eviction notice.”

Now 25, Alexandra, who says she married at 19, claims their dad was always overprotective. “We couldn’t watch normal things like the news. My dad never explained to us, personally, what 9/11 was. He just didn’t want us to know anything bad in the world.” >

Steve says he’s only trying to protect his daughters -- but they claim his controlling behaviors are tearing their family apart. 

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