Shelly’s daughters, Hillary, Heather, and Holli, claim she’s a raging, abusive alcoholic who can drink as many as 30 shots of vodka a day.

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“One time my dad found 18 bottles of vodka in the trash,” says Hillary who claims her mother hides alcohol in a water bottle when she goes grocery shopping.

The sisters, who all say they’re not currently talking to Shelly, also claim she gets violent when she drinks.

Heather claims her mother has hit, kicked, and choked her. She says the scariest attack occurred when she was 9 months pregnant, claiming Shelly “Tried pushing me down the stairs and kicking me in the stomach.”

And Holli, who claims her mother once knocked her out with a picture frame, says, “When she gets angry, she just wants to take it out on any target she can.”

The siblings all say they’re worried about their father, John’s, safety claiming that living with Shelly, he’s putting his life at risk every day.

“We’re terrified she’s going to kill him, and we don’t think he takes that seriously enough," says Heather.

Shelly adamantly denies being abusive toward her daughters or her husband. Claiming her family is to blame for her drinking, she says she’s the “real victim” – not them.

Why does John say he feels sorry for her? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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