Karla claims she’s is married to the actor/director and philanthropist, Tyler Perry. She acknowledges never having met her online love in person but says she has donated to charitable organizations any time he’s asked her.

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Her daughters, Kelly and Kourtney, claim their mother is being catfished. They claim to date, Karla has been bilked out almost $100,000.

“He’s been sending you these addresses to send money to,” says Kourtney to her mom.

“So it doesn’t go to a real person,” says Kelly. “They can be the one to pick it up.”

When Dr. Phil tells Karla he had a supposed cancer charity in North Carolina which she sent money to checked out, “and it’s a blank field. There’s nothing there,” does she admit she’s been conned?

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‘I Just Want A Family,’ Says Woman Whose Daughters Claim She Is Being Catfished