Kourtney and Kelly claim their mom, Karla, has fallen victim to an internet catfish posing as actor, director, producer and writer, Tyler Perry. The sisters claim that Karla has been duped into sending the person they refer to as “fake Tyler Perry” nearly $100,000.


“No matter what we do, she will not listen - understand at all - that this person is scamming her,” says Kourtney, who claims Karla has been told the money is going to charity organizations. “And with my mom being a loving person, she does it because she thinks it’s actually going to help people when it’s not.”

Kelly says that Karla is also convinced she’s married to the star, whom she’s never met in person. She says Karla claims she shares biological children with Perry, including herself, her brother, and the real Perry’s 3-year-old son. “And she believes this completely,” according to Kelly.

What do the sisters say they believe caused their mother to fall for a celebrity catfishing scam?

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Why Two Sisters Claim Their Mom Sent Money To A Celebrity Catfish