Sisters Kelly and Kourtney claim an internet catfish posing as actor/director Tyler Perry is scamming their mother, Karla.


“’My mom was very lonely,” says Kourtney. “She was on a Tyler Perry fan page on Facebook. She started scrolling through it, liking everything.”

“This person reached out to her claiming to be Tyler Perry, and he stated that they’d known each other since they were children,” claims Kelly. “She’s never spoken with him. She’s never met him.”

“We’ve been communicating a long time, claims Karla. “He says, ‘I will forever love you, baby. In everything you do, you are a lifesaver.’”

Kourtney says her mother has only connected with the person she and her sister refer to as “fake Tyler Perry” through text and internet chat and has never spoken to him.

Karla claims she’s married to the celebrity.

Kourtney says her mother also claims that two of her five children were fathered by Perry and that she is the biological mother of Perry’s 3-year-old son. “She has not given an explanation as to how that possibly happened.”

The sisters claim that Karla has already been duped out of nearly $100,000. “Me and my siblings have all tried to convince my mother that this “Tyler Perry” is not real,” says Kourtney. Can Dr. Phil help Kourtney and Kelly persuade Karla that she’s been the victim of a con?

Part one of this two-part episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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Sisters Claim Their Mom Believes She Shares Biological Kids With Tyler Perry