Nate says he left home at 15 and avoided his family for years, but when he reconnected with his mother, Helen, in 2015, he was “shocked” to find her looking old and frail. He’s claiming that Helen, 52, is dependent on opioids and that the drugs are killing her.

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Nate’s older sisters, Alex and Demetria, say they agree that Helen is in trouble, but claim that Nate doesn’t have all the facts.

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“For 10 years, Nathan wanted nothing to do with her addiction or her illnesses,” claims Alex.

Demetria says, “You just can’t walk in here and be Captain America when you don’t even know the whole history.”

Why are Nathan’s sisters claiming that he hasn’t helped them to take care of their mother?

Watch the video above to find out what prompts Dr. Phil to tell all three siblings, “We’re either here to talk about family dynamics and who said what to who, or we’re here to save your mother’s life – not both.”

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