“To say the least, my parents’ marriage is very toxic,” says Victoria. “The best way to describe it is almost like fire and gasoline. They, kind of, just ignite each other, and then, from there, things blow up in flames.”

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Her older sister Liz adds, “My parents’ relationship is dysfunctional and quite confusing. One day, they’re filing for divorce, and the next day, they’re having date night.”

The sisters say one of the biggest problems with their parents is that they’re hypocrites for raising them to follow the church and act like decent people, and yet, they both admit to stepping outside the marriage and having extramarital affairs.

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“When I think about the whole open marriage concept, I’m disgusted by it,” says Victoria.
“The most difficult part about this is that it does affect our entire family. I don’t feel like my parents are very interested in being parents,” says Liz, one of nine children. “My mom and dad have lost control of their lives.”
In the video above, hear more from the sisters, including how Victoria claims their father was abusive toward her. And, Victoria and Liz meet the man their mother is having an affair with for the first time.
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