Sisters Mia and Kiki say their brother, Brandon, has been living in their deceased grandmother’s house for four years in a room they call “the cave.” They say he sleeps on a stained mattress on the floor, there are food wrappers and trash everywhere, and the room reeks of cigarettes.
“It was supposed to be temporary, so he could find a job and get his own place, but he never did,” Mia says. She claims Forrest plays video games, sleeps during the day, and has never had a job or paid his own way. “When Forrest told us that he would rather be homeless than have to get a job, we were all repulsed and appalled.”

Kiki claims her brother is a compulsive liar. “He’s disconnected from reality,” she adds. “My sister and I both have careers, and we’re both successful and have goals and aspirations. I just don’t know where along the way that my brother got lost.”
Who do the sisters also blame for Forrest’s behavior? Watch the video above to find out.
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Forrest explains his behavior. And, Coach Mike Bayer takes Forrest out to the streets to see what it’s like to be homeless. Check local listings to see where you can watch "'Help! My Brother Would Rather Be Homeless Than Get a Job.'"

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