Jessica and Amber claim that their former stepfather, Steve, molested them while they were growing up. The sisters say they told their mother, Meloni, but that she didn’t act on the accusations.

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“I went to my mom after the first time it happened to me. I remember her yelling at me that she was going to bring Steve out, and I needed to tell Steve what I told her,” says Jessica. “When I realized that my mom wasn’t going to believe me, that made me feel like, you know, what am I going to do? So I just kind of went along with it.”

Meloni says that Steve denied Jessica’s claims and said that Jessica was “misinterpreting” his actions. “I believed Steve because he joined the church,” she says. “He said he wouldn’t do anything like that and he actually called my daughter an evil seed.”

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Amber says that every time she told her mom about the alleged abuse, Meloni would deny it. “My mom made me feel really guilty,” she says. “My mom would say stuff like, ‘You’re just trying to rip my marriage apart. You’re trying to ruin an innocent man’s life.’”

Steve was convicted of sexual abuse after taking a plea deal which did not require him to admit wrongdoing and had to register as a sex offender, but he maintains his innocence. Meloni was convicted of child endangerment because authorities claimed she knew what was going on and did nothing.

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“I don’t believe that I deserve the charge of child endangerment because I did not allow my kids to do anything like that. I had no idea,” Meloni says. “I do blame Steve for what happened.”

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