When Sydney and Raechel were 10 and 8, they were sexually abused by their mother’s father. They revealed this seven years later and since then, they say their family has been torn apart. They say they testified against their grandfather and he is now serving 86 years in prison, but that their mom can’t seem to let the past go.

“We had this man put in prison, and I want to move forward, and my mother won’t let me,” says Sydney. “My mother is hard-headed, loud and very obnoxious, and I find her to be crazy.”

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Raechel adds, “My mom is very obsessed with talking about the molestation. She brings it up at the most random times. It’s extremely embarrassing.”

The sisters say their mom has become consumed with anger since learning about the abuse and say that she takes her rage out on the family.

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“The night I had my mother kicked out of our house, we got into a huge fight where she picked me up by my throat and smacked me across the face,” Sydney says. “I did not want my mother to move back home, and she wasn’t supposed to. My father just decided he was going to let her come back. I deserved an apology first.”

Their mother returned home after three months, and the sisters say their relationships haven’t improved and that their parents’ marriage is now on the verge of divorce.

“My family needs a lot of help. They are very broken,” Raechel says.

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On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Sydney confronts her mother, Cindi, she says, in the hopes of getting an apology. And, see what Dr. Phil suggests Cindi do to move past her guilt and anger. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Mother Describes Enormous Burden Of Guilt She Says She Feels Because Her Daughters Were Molested By Her Father