Alisa claims her mother, Tammy, knew she was being sexually abused as a child but didn’t do anything about it then; and continues to refuse to acknowledge that any abuse ever occurred.

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“One of the incidences, she had just turned around, when it was happening,” claims Alisa who says she was 11 at the time. “The man pulled me against him – grabbed my hips and forced me to grind against him.” She claims her mother did nothing.

Alisa also claims she was raped at 15, which resulted in pregnancy. Alisa put the child up for adoption. The sisters say their mother refused to get the authorities involved.

Amy asks, “I mean – did she even care? What was she so busy doing that she couldn’t call the police?”

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Tammy admits she did know about some of the abuse but didn’t take it to the authorities, claiming she wasn’t aware that it was as serious as her daughters now report.

Alisa and Amy say they haven’t spoken to Tammy in a year. What do they say they want from her now?

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Women Says She’s ‘Overwhelmed’ To Hear Allegations Of Her Child’s Sexual Abuse, While Daughters Claim Mom Knew All Along