Sixteen-year-old Tyler says his twin sister, Tessa, “is very crude and annoying.”  He claims that before she left home, Tessa bit and scratched him, and hit him in the face and chest repeatedly.

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Tyler says that in order for him to have a relationship with Tessa, “She would have to get her act together. But if she can’t, I hope she just stays out of the house and doesn’t bother us.”

Tessa, who left home in July, claims that their mother, Theresa, has always “catered” to her twin and treated him better than she has treated her, which Theresa adamantly denies.  

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Tessa says she wants to stay where she’s been living, claiming, “These people treated me like I was part of their family. They made me feel like they actually cared.” 

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Why does Theresa say that Tessa’s living arrangement is “not a good situation?” WATCH Family Questions Mom’s Parenting Of 16-Year-Old

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