Forrest claims he suffers from multiple medical conditions that prevent him from interacting with others and having a job. The 30-year-old lives in his deceased grandmother’s house, and his mother pays his bills, buys him food, and gives him money. His family says it’s time he gets his act together, because they want to sell the house and don’t want him to accept life on the streets.
“Right now, it probably looks insurmountable to get from where you are to where you want or need to be,” Dr. Phil tells Forrest. “You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound … you just need to change your behavior tomorrow.”

Dr. Phil and life coach and author Mike Bayer offer Forrest advice for how he can get his life back on track. Hear about their action-oriented plan for him in the video above.
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WATCH: 30-Year-Old Who Says He’d Rather Be Homeless Than Get A Job Gets A Reality Check On The Streets