Parents Maria and Troy say they are out of answers when it comes to disciplining their “out of control” 16-year-old daughter.

They say they have grounded her, turned off her cell phone, and even sent her off to boarding school – but nothing has worked.

Their daughter insists she’s not a bad kid, that she’s just a normal teenager. She says she loves her parents -- but that they need to step up and be better parents and spend more time with their kids.

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Maria and Troy claim their daughter was defiant at age 2, ran away at 7 and was caught smoking at 10.

“When she started smoking at 10, what was your reaction here?” Dr. Phil asks.

“We grounded her … watched her like a hawk,” her father says.

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“For how long?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Probably a day, two days at the most,” Troy says.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil lists off some of the things Maria and Troy claim Ashlyn has done – and what the punishment has been each time. What does Dr. Phil think may be contributing to the teen’s behavior? Watch more from this episode here.