Ava’s friends, Haley and Maria, say that since she lost weight, she’s become conceited and obsessed with becoming a social media star.

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Haley says that Ava used to be shy, “but now she’s just way to open – way too shallow. She doesn’t care about anyone else anymore.”

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“Ava blacks out a lot,” says Maria. She claims that Ava, who currently has upward of 40,000 followers on Instagram, parties too much and sometimes puts herself in dangerous situations for attention.

“I love alcohol,” says Ava, who isn’t yet 21. “I can down an entire bottle and – I mean, I might die, but fingers crossed. So far I’ve been invincible.”

When Dr. Phil shares that an estimated 97,000 women age 18-24 report alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape a year, how does Ava respond?

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