Lexi, who says she has struggled with her weight and body image her entire life, supports the body positivity movement. She says she loves herself just the way she is. Lexi says her journey to accepting herself and making peace with her body was gradual and that she started documenting the process online, where she receives regular negative comments from trolls.

“So many people seem to feel entitled to a fat person’s personal business and are quick to judge them,” she says, adding, “When people are berating me online and telling me I’m going to die by the time I’m 30, it is not inspiring.”

Lexi’s husband, Will, who also is a proponent of the body positivity movement, says that seeing rude comments about his wife online is “painful to watch.”

Watch the video above to hear why Lexi says she hopes that people can see her loving herself the way that she is “and feel inspired to love themselves the same way.”

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, “Has the Body Positivity Movement Gone Too Far?” supporters say the movement focuses on loving and accepting yourself, regardless of size, while detractors claim the movement can be dangerous because, while it expands the concept of beauty, it downplays the statistical health risks of obesity.

And later, Dr. Phil talks to a man who says he was once a huge believer in the body positivity movement until, he claims, it almost killed him.

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