Alex says that she started drinking in high school and used alcohol as a social lubricant and to have a fun time. However, she says when she got to college, she realized her drinking had become a problem.
“I saw myself binge-drinking with friends, waking up the next morning not remembering what I was doing, losing things, having to reach out to people asking them to, kind of, help me piece my night back together,” Alex says. “It got to a point where I didn’t recognize who I was, and I didn’t really like the version of myself that I saw.”

Alex, who is now a sober influencer, shares her path to sobriety in the video above.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “On the Rocks: Americans Are Dying from Drink,” Dr. Phil speaks with three other women who all have different relationships with alcohol. And, find out the startling statistics about women and drinking. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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