Tromaine claims he was harassed in a parking lot in December 2020 by social media personality “Agent Sebastian” who created the popular video series “Cart Narcs.” The videos, according to Sebastian, are meant to be a public service and reminder to “lazybones” shoppers to bring their carts back to the cart return.

Tromaine says he’s angry that Sebastian tried to humiliate him and outraged that Sebastian shared a video of their encounter online after he told the content creator not to record him.

Ethan Wall, President of The Social Media Law Firm in Miami, says that depending on his state's laws, Tromaine could have a viable claim of harassment.

“Harassment occurs where someone’s intention is to publicly embarrass or humiliate you,” says the attorney, adding, “And Sebastian is making money off of your videos and your appearance.”

Tromaine also claims that Sebastian illegally detained him by blocking his vehicle with a shopping cart. What is Sebastian’s response when Wall says Tromaine could potentially have a claim of false imprisonment as well?

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