Brandon is a healthcare technologist and tech enthusiast who says he got his first microchip implant in 2020 and his second implant in 2022. One is programmed to lock/unlock the doors to his house and carries some contact and medical information, while the other can download apps and is programmed to unlock and start his car.

“Some people think I’m a little bit crazy doing this sort of thing – but for me, I love it,” Brandon says, noting that he can leave home without his house key, car key, or wallet “and never have to worry about losing anything important.”

Does Brandon plan to get more implants? Watch Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“I Got Chipped’: Are We Ready for Technology Under Our Skin?” to find out. Plus, Amal Graafstra, the Founder and CEO of VivoKey Technologies, says he wants the public to understand the many benefits of microchip implants. And later, hear from two critics of human microchipping, one who is concerned about privacy and another who claims technology like microchips can be bad for our health.

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WATCH: ‘I Feel Like I Have Super Powers,’ Says Woman With Magnetic And Microchip Implants

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