Joseph’s parents, Pete and Pamela, divorced and Pete later married Lori. Then, in a tragic turn of events, he lost his younger brother, Peter Jr., to suicide in March 2016.

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Joseph’s Aunt Audrey claims ex-sister-in-law Pamela refused to let go of her marriage to Pete, destroying, Audrey claims, Joseph’s and Peter Jr.’s relationship with their father.

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Joseph says Audrey has told him that Pete and Lori need to be in his life, but Joseph disagrees, saying “I don’t see how that’s beneficial. They’ve done nothing for me – only for themselves.”

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“I’m angry at Aunt Audrey because she thinks that she knows us, and she’s been in Canada the whole time,” says Joseph. “Through the divorce, through literally everything we’ve been through.”

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What will Dr. Phil say about Audrey’s claim that Pamela alienated her sons from Pete? Later, Dr. Phil doesn’t hold back with a personal message for each member of the family. Watch the emotional conclusion to this two-part family drama on Tuesday's Dr. Phil.

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Dr. Phil Calls Out Guest for 'Destructive And Reckless' Remarks; 'I Pray To God That You Don’t Mean Them'