Jake says he’s upset about his parents’ divorce and has been using video games as an escape.

The 16-year-old, who has dropped out of band, stopped going to school and admits to becoming aggressive toward his parents and younger sister, says he “truly believes” he’s addicted to the games.

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“When you’re talking about an addiction, it involves the pleasure centers and how you react to stimuli,” Dr. Phil tells the teen on Monday's episode.

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“There’s great plasticity in the brain. It can change,” he continues.

“I think that in regards to problem gaming or addictive gaming, it’s a symptom of an underlying cause and condition,” says James McManus, a certified addiction professional and founder of Family First Adolescent Services, a residential and outpatient treatment program for adolescents with substance abuse and behavioral issues.

“And what we want to do is help Jake and help the family deal with that pain,” he adds.

Do Jake and his parents, Christy and John, accept the offer of help?

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