Bradley Bleimeyer is serving 15 years behind bars. His wife, Tammi, is serving a 28-year sentence. Both were convicted on charges related to the abuse of Bradley’s son, Jordan. The couple was accused of starving and abusing the child and keeping him isolated in a small cubby located inside a closet at their home. He was 5 years old when they were arrested in 2014.

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When Tami sat down for an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil several months after her arrest, she claimed that despite being 29 lbs., bruised and near death; Jordan was well cared for.

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Tammi adamantly denied abusing Jordan or knowing that he had ever been shut in a closet. “Brad was responsible for taking care of Jordan,” she said, claiming she was too busy with her own children to see what was going on with the boy.

“She’s definitely lying about everything that she said,” says Tammi’s son, Cody, after reviewing his mother’s interview.

Cody, his brother, Dylan, and their sister, Allison, all testified against Tammi at her trial. All three siblings claim they heard their mother tell their stepfather to put Jordan in the closet.

On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil revisits exclusive footage acquired when he was allowed inside the Bleimeyer home by Tammi’s attorneys in 2014.

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“When Dr. Phil came to see the house, it was absolutely staged,” says Allison. Her brothers agree, and say there was an “extreme home makeover.”

Watch this exclusive episode airing Thursday to learn what they say the home was really like.

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