Fourteen-year-old Kasey has been living with her grandmother, Sandy, since she was a year old. Sandy was given temporary guardianship of Kasey by the girl’s mother, Jennifer, when Jennifer and Kasey’s dad, Ted, were going through a divorce. In 2005, Sandy moved to another state, taking the girl with her. Sandy admits she did not inform Ted of his daughter’s whereabouts.

Ted says he spent nine years looking for his daughter but always came up empty-handed. Then, two years ago, the now 14-year-old’s half- sister, Heather, says she reached out and sent Ted a link to Kasey’s Facebook page. Ted says he has been trying to see his daughter ever since, but his ex-mother-in-law won’t let them meet.

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Heather says she told Ted where Kasey was because “I felt he had the right to know where his daughter was. She was taken without him even knowing,” and that, says Heather, is when she claims Sandy told her she was no longer allowed to have contact with her, or with Kasey.

Sandy says “I cut her off from Facebook because she was talking to him [Ted], and I don’t want anything to do with him.”

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Heather claims Sandy has “brainwashed” her sister. “Sandy has said that our parents have walked out on her, and never took care of her.”  Heather claims Jennifer has sent cards, gifts and letters to Kasey over the years, but that none of her communications ever got past Sandy.

Watch the video above as Heather and Sandy each tell their side of the story. Then tune into Dr. Phil on Thursday to find out if this family is ready to mend fences.

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