Kim says she was sexually abused by her father, Bob, for years while growing up. He admits having sexual contact with her and served four years in prison for sexual assault. But Kim isn’t the only person to come forward and accuse Bob of molesting her.


“Like my sister, Kim, I was sexually abused by my stepfather, Bob,” claims Jessica who says the abuse began when she was 6. Jessica claims her mother couldn’t be bothered to bathe her, so Bob did. “He’d be under the water touching himself, and I’d be at the other end of the shower shivering,” she says, claiming the abuse only grew from there.

Jessica claims when she came forward with accusations of abuse at 14, her mother was “livid” and pressured her to change her story, “telling me that if I didn’t recant, they were going to put Kim in foster care. She said the only way to stop all of this is if I lied.”

Bob adamantly denies ever touching Jessica. When he claims her account of sexual abuse is a symptom of severe mental illness, how does she respond?

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Man Denies Stepdaughter’s Allegations Of Childhood Sex Abuse