Lynn Hartman says she surprised herself when she fell in love with Steven Avery, the convicted killer profiled in “Making A Murderer.” She says that after watching the Netflix documentary, she felt compelled to write to Avery in prison, and their relationship blossomed and the two are now engaged.

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Hartman claims Avery told her he loved her during their very first phone call, that Avery calls her Mrs. Avery, and that they talk on the phone two or three times a day. But could their love already be on the rocks? Hartman says that Avery usually calls her every morning but the day before she appeared on Dr. Phil, she said she had not heard from him and was anxiously awaiting his call.

“Am I interested in continuing on with this engagement with Steve Avery? Absolutely not,” Hartman said. “I love him and I wish him the best ... but I can’t do this anymore.”

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See what happens when Avery surprisingly calls Hartman from prison while she’s on Dr. Phil’s stage. Hear why Avery says he wants to marry Hartman, how he responds to claims made against him and answers the question: Did you murder Teresa Halbach? Watch more from this episode here.