Lynn Hartman, 53, says that when she watched the Netflix series, "Making A Murderer," she felt compelled to reach out to convicted killer Steven Avery, whom she says she believes is innocent. The two began writing letters to each other, she says, and ultimately met in person.

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In the video above, Hartman, who says Avery told her he loved her in their very first phone call, describes the first time they met in person.

“He smiled at me, and it was like magic. The chemistry was there,” Hartman recalls. “We gave each other a hug and a kiss, and we held hands, and sat down and cried tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of sorrow.”

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What does she say was the first thing she noticed about her now fiancé? And, does Avery have the characteristics she normally seeks in a romantic partner? On Tuesday, see what happens when Avery calls Lynn from prison while she’s on Dr. Phil’s stage. Check here to see where you can watch.